Fully featured commercial ‘Boutique’ recording studio in the centre of Lincoln (UK) providing an audio recording facility for, producers, bands, singers and composers built on a platform using ProTools 11, Logic 10, Apple iMac and a 32 Channel Soundcraft 800b at the centre!

BrickBeat Recording Studio is located in the centre of Lincoln’s ‘Creative Quarter’ and provides a high-quality recording and production service with over 30 years experience, national and international, in the recording industry.

We cater for bands, solo artists, producers, voice overs and other projects catered for by a choice of experienced engineers and making full use of a mixture of cutting edge and traditional technology.

At the heart of the system is a beautiful Soundcraft 800b 32 channel board linking into 24 channels of Focusrite pre-amps. 



Operating Equipment:

Soundcraft 800b 32-8-2 Board 2 x Focusrite Pro40 1 x Octopre Interface iMac

A comprehensive range of vintage analogue outboard compressors, gates & limiters and an assortment of external processing equipment.


ProTools 11 Logic 10

Usual selection of Valve, Ribbon, Condenser and Dynamic Microphones

Five-piece Millennium studio drum kit, wooden snare (Sounds Fab!) provided for use free of charge along with Hartke, Ashdown, Fender and Peavey amplification. Korg X-3 keyboard.